All the colors of wine, Luca Risso

April 28, 2023 – 11:41 am

Continue the contribution of Claudia Donegaglia winemaker at Cantine Intesa in force in that of Magna Romagna, who tells us today how to recognize the problems of the color of wine! Take advantage of the availability of a professional and do not hesitate to ask questions, someone will always answer! I remind everyone that your nectar will participate in the next Gagare Wines Contest, and this year will be offered as a prize for the winner a huge surprise!

(Following is the text of Claudia)

Dear garage owners, the smell of reduced did not make you sleep or you are still in full travasite? I'm sorry for you but the road to get to the glass of the finished wine is still long and full of pitfalls, to make wine also need good eyes to observe carefully color, clarity, presence of precipitates and glazes.

To start the observation of the wine and have some indications on its state of health prelevatene a glass from the container that contains it and leave it in contact with the air for some hours. If you are lucky the strategic wine will remain as it is about how you have it pinned and you can stop reading this post so that you do not need our advice.

One of the things that can happen instead is that your white wine poured perfectly, with very little cloudiness or turbidity in suspension that, when the tapping had a delicious scent of golden apples and freshly baked bread, take a coppery hue and fragrance the apple from turning rancid in typical maderization. Before thinking about the sink drain to the sewer or you think, "The grapes were healthy? I added metabisulfite? If you how and in what time? "That's where all these questions you answered yes then your wine has just a problem of oxidation thrust.

To overcome this problem it is necessary to integrate the fraction of sulfur with an addition of not less than 3-5 g / hl of metabisulfite (by evaluating the basis of the analysis) and not less than 5/7 g / hl of ascorbic acid.
There are also in this case antioxidant complexes with varying percentages of these compounds, thus always pay attention to the label of the formulation. Another precaution to be taken in winemaking can be to preserve to the maximum content of malic acid present in the wine, trying to hinder the malolactic fermentation, as such acid has a strong antioxidant action. To preserve the most of malic you can anticipate the harvest, use the sulfur in a reasoned way, using selected yeasts, control the temperature, rapid transfer ports do with a sudden cleaning the wine and store in aging at low temperatures.


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