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At the roundup of defects which are bearer insane, until recently, were added hypochondria and obsessive compulsive disorder, which seems to go hand in hand in egotiche personality and full of neuroses as mine. Long before Wikipedia and Dr. House push us to consider our body as the scene of a crime where even the vaguest symptom is an important clue that can lead you to discover the killer to have a fatal disorder and invisible except when there is nothing left to do, I opened the encyclopedia of medicine of the Republic, in a thousand pamphlets nice, and I diagnosticavo disorders of the nervous system, the respiratory and of course that gastrointestinal tract. Long before emo teens to be persuaded that it is being depressed by people deeply intelligent, I was convinced that being hypochondriacs was cursed by genes. Especially since this hypochondria was accompanied by a number of idiosyncrasies and obsessions that were clearly signal a sharp mind: to have control obsessively glasses bag, hand wash your leotard and tights immediately after the dance lesson, lathered hands for exactly twenty seconds before you get contact lenses.
My mother has done away with the encyclopedia of medicine, but this did not do anything because in the meantime I had discovered the internet, forums for women, and of course Wikipedia, the wonderful site thanks to the Saturday night of boredom in which I can show off trivia useless on movies I have not seen, and of those born in 1994 and already more famous than me.

The positive side of OCD is that I repeated the formulas of corporate finance and rewriting on ad nauseum until erasable whiteboard marker to consume, and this is the only reason I was able to graduate on time. At the same time, however, I met Fonzie, who as the true geniuses is really a hypochondriac, and has the loyalty card of the pharmacy, as a result homeopathic I am healed (from the only real disease that I had: hypochondria, in fact). In the same way, after his explanation much more than describe the importance of using the patch only to clean the stove and the sponge to the other surfaces ( because otherwise the steel gets scratched ), are also cured of OCD.
All this preamble to explain that I became so relaxed zen and that on Friday I forgot the phone charger in the office.
On Saturday morning, then after updating my Facebook status with a 'invective against the peasant who does the work at eight in the morning, the phone is dead. I had also left the computer in the office, so I was out of this world. The only phone number that I know by heart is to Fonzie, so at five in the afternoon, as she was at work, I called her from the disk.
"I Love the mobile phone battery. I go out, I'll see you tonight! "
"I'm working!"
"Oh well I just wanted to say that I'm alive and are seam-"
"Hello hello CIA."

Source: lezpop.it

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