La Cienaga "I will have a glass of white wine

August 28, 2013 – 23:21

I like wine, white wine specially. Some people say white wine is not wine.My Swamp crosses the pond Well, They are right but maybe it's true That Also red wine makes me seeing double too fast :-)

Usually I can find Chardonnay Easily at restaurants, and that's fine but its smell reminds me of rotten grapes. And it's not a good thought to enjoy a glass of wine holding your nose Between your fingers.To hell with Facebook

Fortunately I do not need to spend too much money to buy some Spanish wine (white wine) and take home some bottles of Verdejo, Albariño or wheel. Even with American cheese They are, simply, awesome.I do not like parties

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Big baloon glasses

For everything. I like large tapered roundish glasses kind of a cross between the Ridel Bordeaux and Burgandy shapes. I use them for everything. I like being able to have a good volume of wine while still haveing a lot of room in the glass to swirl and smell. NO ONE has ever complained that I was serving white in the wrong glass. Just buy what you like. If you drink a lot of bubbles, some flutes are good to have, but honestly, Champagne tastes great in a big glass too.

Paris pickpockets target tourists from China  — Financial Times
“If the companies used plain white bags, it might help,” says Xavier Castaing of the Paris police prefecture. “But we can't exactly ask ... The two small glasses of wine were actually large, but we weren't to know until the bill appeared.

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