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May 26, 2023 – 03:58 am

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Dubbed as the nectar of the gods, rather than knowing how to choose and enjoy a good wine, is knowing serve you. Between knowing what your ideal temperature, the best cups and the sequence in which they should be served different wines, discover everything you need to know in time to open a bottle and impress your guests!

  • After a bottle of wine chosen to serve, clean it thoroughly, especially around the neck, to remove any dust that may have accumulated.
  • With the exception of red wine, all bottles should be opened at the table, in the presence of all the guests. However, who is to serve shall be the first to taste the wine, thus testifying to its quality and the wine is in conditions or not to be served to the other guests. In addition, the cup will remain in their residues which may possibly leave the stopper.
  • The wine must be opened at least between 30 minutes and one hour before a meal and poured slowly into a decanter - glass container for receiving wine. Besides allowing the wine to "breathe" before serving, passing the nectar of the bottle to the decanter also allows any filter residues or impurities.
  • While white wine should be served very cool (between 8 º and 12 º) and so maintained throughout the meal (in frappé - a bucket with ice, or wrapped in a refrigerator cold), red wine is best enjoyed at room temperature , ie, between 16 º and 18 º.
  • The tradition still dictates that red wine is the ideal accompaniment to meat dishes. Since white wine is recommended to serve with fish dishes, poultry and pasta, but it is also an excellent aperitif. The important thing is that the taste of the food is not overlapped with the wine and vice versa.
  • Although a wine tasting be a feast of flavors, to be truly appreciated, must be served in the following order: first dry and then the sweet but new wine must precede the old, white and serves up always before red wine.
  • The choice of glass which will serve a wine is as important as its nectar itself, so until the same wine, served in different glasses, will have a completely different taste and aroma. For starters, the glasses should be colorless and free of ornaments for betraying their color and purity; must have one foot where to get, for a hand-wrapped cup not heat the wine, should not be too small, ie, must not allow direct contact of the wine with air; normally serves up red wine in a large glass and open (allows the release of their scents) and white in a small cup and closed (allows concentration of aromas).
  • Know what kind of glasses should choose to suit every type of wine in the most correct: balloon (round cup, allows the wine to "breathe", ideal for reds noble and aged); tulip (looks like an inverted bell, it is recommended to serve white wines, rosés and reds youth); bordalês (glass elegant, perfect for white wines, rosés and reds youth); glass (a glass broad and flat, used for red wine, but also to serve sparkling sweet), flute ( Stylish and slim, is more used to serve champagne).
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    Picardie glasses

    they are the kind you will see all over Europe in cafes.
    The smallest ones are generally used as espresso or shot glasses.
    I could swear that I have seen them used as egg holders, too, but it may just be my crazy imagination.
    Red and white wine could (conceivably) be served from juice glasses (I have a distinct memory of my dad drinking from a small 7-8 oz glass wine at home, but not when guests would come over).
    I like your idea for Pint glasses, but can not conceive what we would drink scotch from...darnit

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