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May 16, 2023 – 03:25 am

Décanter le vin

Wine tasting

Drinking wine is not a matter for experts.These tips will help you enjoy your bottles.

Let the wine breathe

Wine needs to breathe to exalt its flavor,it is imperative to lead well in advance to let him breathe and develop its bouquet.More wine is young,the aeration time required will be long before serving.Between 2 to 3 hours for a young wine,while 1/2 hours will be enough for bottles mature.

Decant the wine

Wine very slowly,preferably on transvasera via a "horn settle" in a decanter to remove deposits and promote good oxygenation.
But do not abuse rituals that are not always justified.A large majority of wine consumed is paid directly from the bottle to the glass and will not require this type of operation.les verres à vin

Serve wine

It is recommended to use different lenses depending on the wine:
- A glass tulip shaped for young and fruity wines.
- A glass ball flared to serve ripe wines rich in tannins.

Remember that glass is filled up to 2/3.

Dress: watching the wine

Before feeling the wine or put in the mouth,look at his color is the dress.Stand in front of a white background slightly tilting the transparent glass to appreciate its color and density.


Whatever the color,the wine should be clear.A cloudy wine may indicate a deterioration or poor breeding,it is not necessarily bad.

The brightness of the wine

Much sought-after white wines,for example,it is a valuable clue to their acidity.

Color and its shades

They mainly provide information on the evolution of wine.The results of observations is always considered with respect to the type of wine.Thus,for example,white,dry and fluffy will never have the same color.It is the same in red with a Beaujolais or a wine of Languedoc.

Nose: aromas breathe

Feel once the wine,leaving immobile glass,just after serving.This first "nose" then unveil the most volatile aromas.
Feel it again after turning the wine into the glass.This movement increases the oxygenation of the wine and releases new flavors.
Repeat this several times in a row to find the bouquet of a wine.Le nez Not to saturate your sense of smell,it is preferable to proceed by short inspirations.

We distinguish three types of flavors:
- Primary aromas of each variety and more or less marked.
- The secondary aromas caused by alcoholic fermentation.
- The tertiary aromas,from the transformation of primary aromas,secondary and tannins during aging.

Mouth: enjoy wine

A wine can be enjoyed in small sips.Keep it a few seconds in the mouth and let it flow to all parts of your tongue (sweetness is perceived by the tip and the acidity of the side edges).
Then swallow it slowly to enjoy the "palace",the flavors of the wine.

  • the attack is the first impression.It specifies the smoothness or hardness.
  • astringency: it defined the presence of tannins (polyphenols).
  • balance: acidity felt.It can be soft,free or alive.
  • final: the finish is pleasant,long.

Describe wine

  • consistency: structured,fat,round,full,full,gaunt
  • tannins soft,woody,hard,bitter,astringent
  • vinosity: hot,powerful,vinous,light
  • soft: cream,melted,rough,dry

La robe d'un vin


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