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May 12, 2023 – 03:10 am

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Challenge to the luxury of perfect crystals and slender

In Colle Val d'Elsa, where it produces 95% of the Italian crystal, they called it the "glass democratic." In the Tuscan crystal Rcr, close to the vineyards of Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, was born a container tasting that debunks the rites of the sommelier. Although it was created by a sommelier, or rather by the world champion sommelier, Luca Gardini, along with designer Fabio Novembre. Stemless glasses, which also will be sold from July to the supermarket to 3 Euros each. A line is called World's best, with a concept opposite to that most noble in the world for the tasting, the luxurious 'Sommeliers' Austria's Riedel, of which in 2013 will celebrate its 40 years: slender glasses, perfect crystal along stem, an extremely wide range of forms (for the cup as important red takes about 75 euro). Both glasses, Democrat and luxury vanity, are on their way mirror. To make a comparison with the kitchen, "without the fast food there would be no need to slow food and the food would be what it always was, neither slow nor fast" (The Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan, Adelphi). Even for wine, the same way as food, was made "an expensive trip to oblivion, " as he did switch from free-range chicken at our grandparents' chicken Mac "of our children. But the wine industry, conventional dishes, all the same, they lose more and more power, leaving producers grow big and small who know to end bottled diversity of scents and tastes of each individual ground. In order to grasp, in the nose and palate, this natural wealth serve glasses suitable. At home and at the restaurant. The "glass democratic" is the latest among those tasting but seems to come from afar, from a memory of taverns, those with groups of card players who between smoking sipping local wine in unbreakable glass. The glasses World's best they grab the same way, with an open hand, not with the close of the three small fingers you need for those with the cup. The material is engineering, the Luxion, patented by Rcr that defines the 'best crystal glass in the world. " Does not pass immediately warm to the touch and remains transparent after many washes, even when the machine was facilitated by the absence of the stem. At the base is a circle formed by small spheres, reminiscent of the Tastevin, ciotoletta of the sommelier. An edge formed by an intersection between two lines helps to ascend upward aromas. A micro-gradient allows to slide the water as in a system of drainage after washing. The shape is round, also suitable for large mouths and noses. The most striking among the 5 (for red, white, sparkling, dessert and water) is the glass reserved for wine with bubbles "bigger and wider to better appreciate the view of the perlage." "When we took him to gourmet dinners during the Tour of Italy? tells Gardini? it was interesting to note the amazement of the people for these glasses easy to handle and technology. "For containers that have the task of facilitating the understanding of a wine, experimenting with shapes and materials is a must. The first was to understand the Austrian Claus Riedel in 1973 with the Italian Sommelier Association devised a battery of 10 goblets. The son Georg J. has expanded the catalog with intelligence: the Vinum line has 25 extraordinary pieces, 9 the cheapest Wine. He is not alone: ​​the Bavarians Spiegelau realize handmade crystals and fine spirits, such as the 11 line Adina. The Venetian Federico de Majo was inspired by "the myriad of concentric circles on the puddles on a rainy day in New York" for the line Experience (recently renovated) produced by Saffron in Quinto di Treviso: at the base of the 17 mouth-blown stemware and worked in a series of undulations hands that facilitate the oxygenation of the wine. The list goes on in Italy with the forms of Bormioli Luigi Bormioli Rocco, Vilca, and abroad with Baccarat and Rosenthal. The important thing is to understand that if you choose a food or a wine can become industrial or authentic, as Pollan says, "a gesture ecological and even political", the same criterion applies to the glass, democratic, luxury or artistic work, to observe, conquer and be conquered by a wine. ( ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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Related to the Two Buck Chuck thread below:
I'm finding that I can buy relatively cheap wine $5-$10 but enjoy it much more from a Riedel/Riedel style glass. It seems like there's a multiplier effect so that the $8 bottle in a Riedel glass is as good as a $16 bottle in a regular glass. I know, I know, it's not all about price, but I'm wondering if I'm fooled by the fancy glass or whether my nose and taste buds are really getting something else out of it.

Sommeliers collection 40th anniversary tasting at Vinopolis, 12th September 2013  — ITCM
Georg J Riedel, 10th generation glassmaker and owner of Riedel Crystal, and Angelo Gaja, 4th generation owner of Gaja Winery and Italy's greatest winemaker, have specially chosen the wines for the celebratory evening; Gaia & Rey 2009, Ca Marcanda 2008 ..

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