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Thomas Harris - Hannibal

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Author: Thomas Harris, born in 1940 in Jackson, Tennessee, is an American journalist and writer specializing in English language thriller.

The work: This is the sequel of "The Silence of the Lambs."
Hannibal Lecter serial killer is revealed as a character endowed with an extraordinary culture, a taste for epicurean and a perfect education. His style, his mastery and personality would make a very attractive character, a single fault: Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a cannibal and ironically, he loves to cook ...

Note that in 1900 there were still 60 million cannibals through the world and in 1950 only 6 million .. culinary traditions are lost!
(Source Nouvel Observateur weekly from 3 to 9 May 2001)

HANNIBAL (excerpt)


He loved to go shopping, Dr. Lecter. He went straight to Hammacher Schlemmer, specialist decorative accessories and utensils. There he took his time. Head still full of the smell and the quiet of the forest, he measured with his pocket mêtre three baskets picnic good size, all painted rattan with leather straps and solid brass fasteners. He finally decided to impose the least, since it was a picnic alone. The cart was equipped with a thermos, cups, plates resistant porcelain and stainless steel cutlery. He had to buy the set.

Then stopping at Tiffany and the Christofle boutique, he replaced the heavy plates by service Gien decor called "hunting", with carved leaves and birds in flight. Christofle, he procured a service to someone in French silverware XIX century, his favorite, Cardinal pattern, with the maker's mark in the hollow spoons and the stamp of the city of paris for title of metal back sleeves.

Forks, very curved teeth were wide open. Knives were weighted to weigh nicely in the palm and also all the parts, once in hand, gave the impression of holding a good gun duel. In terms of crystal, he hesitated long about the size of tasting glasses before electing a slender balloon cognac. For wine glasses, by cons, the cause was heard: he bought Riedel in two sizes, each model leaving plenty of room in the nose.

It is also found that Christofle linen placemats, creamy white, and superb damask napkins, decorated in a tiny corner of a damask rose, like a drop of blood embroidered. Amused by the pun that suggested this design, it took six to never miss when some are in the laundry.

He then made the acquisition of two alcohol stoves powerful, the same model as those used on routes restaurant, a lovely copper pan and a Dutch oven, also copper, he reserved the sauces, these utensils from address Dehillerin Parisian and two whips kitchen address from Paris. It does not, however, managed to find knives hardened, he much preferred to steel, no more than some cutting tools for a particular purpose he was forced to leave Italy.

His last stop was a store of medical equipment near the main hospital in the city, where he found a great deal in this case, a Stryker autopsy saw practically new. The instrument not only had the advantage of fit exactly in place originally scheduled for the thermos in the basket, it was still under warranty and equipped with several interchangeable blades, including one for crânienne.Ainsi the box " cookware "as the French say, was almost complete.

At Dr. Lecter, the doors are now open to the cool night air. Under the moon and the moving shadows of the clouds, the bay is sometimes money, sometimes soot. One of its new crystal glass is placed on a stand near the foot spruce. The bouquet of the wine mixes with the sea air and Dr. Lecter can breathe without having to remove his hands from the keyboard.


The Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass
Kitchen (Glencairn)
  • 2006 Winner of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation Category

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Beer glass question

Hope this is the right forum to post this in.
I was recently in Target and they had 4 Riedel Vivant beer glasses for sale that I really enjoyed the look and feel of. Further down the aisle they had 4 cheaper beer glasses that looked identical but were much thicker.
From what I understand, Riedel is considered to make some of the best wine glasses in the world, but my concern is the thickness of the glasses. Can I put the Riedel glasses in the freezer without worrying about the temperature cracking them or should I stick with the thicker glasses that I don't really like quite as much?
Thanks. :)

Four days of partying with WOW  — Mail Tribune
"I didn't see it when we started," says Lee, 64, on his patio overlooking merlot and syrah vines. "But as WOW has evolved, it still follows the .. 22, will sample WOW-winning wines in keepsake Riedel glasses (worth $100 alone).

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