Wine and More Wine: James Bond (007) and wines: see the test answers!

May 22, 2023 – 03:37 am

As promised, now publish responses elaborado pela The Drinks Business sobre a presença dos vinhos (e outras bebidas) como "atores coadjuvantes" nos filmes de James Bond, um nótorio espião bon vivant que não perdia a oportunidade de apreciar uma bebida de qualidade, de preferência, na companhia de belas mulheres. test developed by The Drinks Business about the presence of wine (and other drinks) as "supporting actors" in the James Bond films, a notorious spy bon vivant who never missed an opportunity to enjoy a quality drink, preferably in the company of beautiful women. See what you hit (and take time to review some of these classic films of 007):

1. In which James Bond film unmasks the villains by their lack of knowledge about wines?

(Os Diamantes são eternos). R: Diamonds are forever (Diamonds are forever). The villain Mr. Wint, disguised as a waiter, is unmasked by 007 when it identifies a Mouton-Rothschild as a claret.

2. Which James Bond movie 007 he utters the following sentence: "My dear, there are some things that just are not done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above 4 º C (38 º F in the original)."

. A: Goldfinger. 007 says the phrase while before finding a Bond Girl Jill Masterson all painted gold ...

3. In which movie 007 checks the label of a Dom Perignon '53?

R: Dr. (007 contra o satânico Dr. No). In (007 against Dr. No). Try to use use 007 bottle of Dom Perignon '55 to get rid of a guard when Dr. No says it is a DP '55, would be a shame to break it. 007 says: personally, I prefer the '53.

4. What is the preferred brand of Champagne of James Bond (literature)?

. R: Tainttinger. In fact, the Taittinger champagne was the favorite of Ian Fleming (not Bollinger ...). The brand was mentioned in the film Casino Royale, Moonraker, 007 to Her Majesty's Secret Service (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) and Goldfinger. However, the last time a Taittinger appeared on the scene, was in From Russia with Love (From Russia with Love), 1963.

5. What is the favorite drink of the literary James Bond?

. A: Whisky. James Bond drinks more whiskey and soda in Fleming's novels than the famous Dry Martin (21 against 19). In the movies, however, the Dry Martini stands out with 22 appearances.

6. In which James Bond film declines a Chianti considering it improper to accompany the meal?

. A: From Russia with Love (From Russia with Love). At the end of the film, during a dinner with the Bond girl Tatiana and secret agent 007 gets suspicious when he makes the request: Chianti wine and a plate of Sole. To which Bond replies "Red wine with fish. Well, that should tell me something. "Meanwhile, he and Tatiana drink a bottle of Taittinger (note in the photo above).

7. With whom 007 shares a bottle of German Riesling?

. R: Auric Golfinger. During a dinner with Golfinger, Bond is served with a glass of Riesling Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, chosen by the host for its golden appearance. 007 describes him as a "nectar". Then they go to a fantastic Mouton Rothschild '47 (hard life this 007 ...).

8. What drink was invented by and named after James Bond in Casino Royale (1953)?

. R: Vesper Martini. The drink is made with gin, vodka and Kina Lillet. Revenue Bond has exact instructions: 3 parts Gordon's gin, one part vodka, and half of Kina Lillet. Shake well until chilled and serve with a long slice of lemon peel (when he retires, will give a great bartender ...).


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