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May 11, 2023 – 03:08 am

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One of the mistakes that often make when you open a bottle of wine is to underestimate the importance of choosing the right glass where we can taste. As in the automotive field you work in the wind tunnel to produce cars with less and less resistance to the pressure exerted by the air, and therefore more aerodynamic, resulting in, among other things lower fuel consumption, as well, in the wine industry there are companies that decades of work, experimenting with almost obsessive thoroughness, materials and shapes ideal to extract the most of the organoleptic qualities of the various types of beverages.

Today there is a wide choice of brands, type of glasses, the materials used, obviously with significant price differences. One can not help but recall Claus Riedel, as the main creator of a line of products specifically dedicated to wine. The "wine glass" Riedel are known worldwide and have a truly amazing range of glasses and decanter, designed on the basis of extensive experiments that demonstrated how the scents and aromas of a wine can change from one glass to another, both by virtue of the different shape of both the material used. Years ago I had the good fortune to attend a demonstration by Georg J. Riedel, the son of Claus, a man of great ability Tasting, who explained with clarity and examples on the field because of the many different shapes of glasses and the effects they produce on the organoleptic sensations of a wine. Beyond an obvious business need to offer the public a range as wide as possible and complete the Riedel has the merit of having opened the way to a conception of the container for the different drinks altogether new, where the shape, weight , size, thickness, transparency, the quality of the raw material, they become fundamental elements, to the point of influencing the customer while important aesthetic choice. See for themselves the incredible changes that the different forms of a container can make to the sensory perception of wine, you are faced with the fact that if you're a true fan or un'addetto the work, or at least a person eager to better appreciate an alcoholic beverage, you can not overlook such an important element as the object in which the mescerai to savor it. And the results of decades and still unbroken, experiments have in some cases old and haggard bad habits, like that of any sip brandy or cognac in a classic glass pot-bellied "Napoleon", too open to be able to retain the volatile alcohol (average 40 degrees) which may bear a burning sensation in the nose. Equally wrong proved to be the typical "cup" for the champagne is acceptable because of the sweet sparkling wines, too short or open for tasting grappa.

In short, the personality of a wine can be enhanced or sacrificed according to the cup that is used. As regards the materials, the ones most used belong to the category of the crystal glass, which is the name given by the EEC to lead glass. Every manufactured object with this type of glass must be fitted with label indicating the category: superior crystal, lead crystal, crystal glass, crystal glass. The category is closely related to the amount of lead that contains: a glass, in order to be called "crystal" must have at least 24% of lead (with the requirement to expose the special stamp certification), below this value can be "superior sound" or "sound". There are also lead-free glass, so-called "green" (the lead is highly polluting), produced by 'Industry Vetraria Valdarnese (IVV), but currently has a catalog of wine tasting glasses.

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Okay, lessee...

So for wine you could get her a nice bottle or two (for fun tasting purposes you could get a few that are all from one region or one varietal or producer), or a set of excellent glasses like Speigelau (on sale at amazon) or Riedel (expensive but some people like the status), you could get her a nice decanter or other accessories, a book on a specific wine region like Bordeaux or related items like books on cheese plates or cooking with wine.
For baking you could get her a book (general or specific technique), silpat baking sheet, cake plate, or a fun pastry bag and tips set.
Movies are obvious

Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees make for glorious theatre  — National Post
It's the richest club in baseball and its richest player, slashing at one another with broken Riedel Sommelier wine glasses, going for the throat. ...

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