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May 14, 2023 – 03:14 am


The influence of the shape of the glass on our perception of the qualities of a wine ...
If it is a point that the wine lover has generally hard to admit about him, this is it. In the popular imagination, the quality of a wine is an absolute value: good wine will be good regardless of the container. The amateur, however, knows that the taste is largely subjective realm: we perceive impressions.

Therefore, the glass will act as a first plane. Of course, it will not really turn a bad wine good wine or vice versa. No, the glass will act as a developer: it will make us (or not) discover some of the aspects of the character of the wine. The best analogy is that of the music you can listen to Mozart on an old transistor, the music itself is not horrible but you will miss a lot.

The glass is involved in all aspects of the tasting:
- The eye: its shape and appearance, glass puts us in a state of mind.
- Nose: the glass will be more or less flavor with more or less force
- The mouth shape influences the aeration of wine, the touch of your lips, the air intake on the velocity of the liquid, about where it "pose."

The size and shape are very important, matter much less, especially since the widespread lens. It is very difficult to differentiate the blind (and even opening his eyes ...) crystal glass with a glass lens (lens = 10 to 24% of lead crystal = more than 24% lead ). Few problems on the side of the matter, then, if not it is better to avoid carved or colored glasses, because they prevent a clear view of the wine and have an influence on our feelings, and also too thick glasses because they give a feeling of heaviness in the wine.

What kind of glass?

The modern wine glasses, oriented to the tasting, almost all the same shape: a foot end, a body more or less wide that tightens up. This tightening is essential because it allows the concentration of flavors that will be better perceived by the nose, either when you sniff the wine before or when the glass is brought to our mouths (our nose breathes wine as the liquid flows in our mouth). The typical example of this form is the INAO glass, adopted by the vast majority of professionals for technical tastings.

Some forms of Riedel glasses:
(Left to right) Zinfandel / Chianti, Pinot / Burgundy
Cabernet / Bordeaux, Syrah

Is there a different glass for each type of wine or a universal drink?
They include fans followers of both. Famous brand Riedel has developed all his image around a range of all different shape glasses, designed for a very specific grape or wine. On the other hand, there are still some regional traditions (even if it is right to be cautious against the traditional form of the glass of Alsace wine for example). Either ... But personally, I would look for a universal glass for both whites and reds. This solution is the most convenient but makes the choice of glass all the more difficult question.

To better understand the influence of the glass shape our perceptions, we must keep in mind that perceives sweetness on the tip of the tongue, acidity to the back of the tongue. Right or glass that has a sort of pout (drinking a slightly flared outwards) will put the wine on the tip of the tongue thus increase our perception of sweetness and alcohol. In contrast, a strongly constricted glass will give the liquid a certain speed, the wine then passing quickly on the tip of my tongue to ask further back. Our perception of sweetness is then lower and the acidity is better enhancement.


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Wine glass thoughts

I have a bunch of Burgundy and Bordeaux Authentis glasses that I purchased when Amazon ran a buy one get one free special last year. It was something like $29.99 for 12 glasses.
I also have Riedel Vinum Bordeaux, Burgundy and Chianti/Zin (which I use for whites) glasses that were more expensive, around $8-12 a glass.
I also have one Riedel Sommelier Burgundy glass that is hand blown that I purchased from some dot com liquidation. These usually run $50 a glass.
I prefer the Riedel Vinums to the Spiegelau by a slight margin, but it is not worth the extra money in my opinion

Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees make for glorious theatre  — National Post
It's the richest club in baseball and its richest player, slashing at one another with broken Riedel Sommelier wine glasses, going for the throat. ...

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