Types of bottles of wine with convex or push up.

August 28, 2013 – 23:22

Botellas de vino con fondo convexo

The bottom of the bottle of wine: Why Push Up convex base or in different types of wine bottles?

In the different types of wine bottles can find the convex bottom and push up and it is not unusual for someone to ask what has to be the bottom so .

In "Myths of Wine: Wine Myths typical 6" commented that these bottles do not necessarily determine the quality of the wine ,possibly due to perceptions that producers who choose should invest a little more in them.The reasons have to do with their manufacture,physical features and functionality.Vidrio soplado para botella de vino

Reasons convex bottom of the bottle of wine: manufacturing

The first bottles of wine glass which are reports were drawn up by the British in 1657 (Northampton Museum) and they were the ones who started using them to age the wine.They used the technique of glass blowing (which the Romans had perfected the Chinese and Serbian) for different types of wine bottles,and it was anything but chance the origin of the convex bottom when a glass by blowing part stuck in and glass walls and a gap is blown into the base,sometimes pointed and more rounded other,but always in different ways.

Reasons convex bottom of the bottle of wine: natural.

Eventually,for the manufacture of bottles for sparkling wines,was followed using the background pattern convex (Push Up) to resist the opposite direction of the gas pressure inside the bottle and withstand pressures of between 4 and 5 atmospheres.Moreover,the glass of the bottle base is thicker and retains more heat during the manufacturing process,making it more fluid and tends to warp.Then for the bottle to be more stable,add the base inward bends so if this part does not contact the surface on which it rests.This also makes the bottle of wine has more glass and is slightly heavier.

Reasons convex bottom of the bottle of wine: functionality.uso del fondo convexo en botellas de vino

Currently,there are many explanations or rather practical advantages,as for moving the bottle in the cellar or serve can put your thumb and easier handling.Much of winemakers in the world use this type of bottle to hide,by simple aesthetics,the rainfall that are formed through the aging of the wine with the polymerization of different compounds over time.Even the convex bottom facilitates precipitation settling compared to other types of wine bottles.

Finally,we should add that perception is an advantage in this type of bottles that are considered more aesthetic,elegant,and also influence the volume of wine that appear larger.

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Ventajas del fondo convexo en botellas de vino

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