Italy's Best Wines?: Highlights from the 2012 Tre Bicchieri Tasting

May 20, 2023 – 03:35 am

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gambero_rosso.jpg One of the pitfalls involved in. blogging-as-therapy, as opposed to blogging-as-profession manifests as the paradox of too much content. If I made my living at wine blogging I'd need to post several times per day, and I'm sure I'd be looking for good content in between my sofa cushions. But since I blog, at best, once a day, and not even seven days a week anymore, I have way more to write about than I have time to write it. Too many wines I've drunk, too many places I've been, and too many events attended. All of Which is a long winded explanation for why I'm writing now about the Tre Bicchieri tasting of Italy's best wines That Took place back in February.

When Given the opportunity - usually the occasion of someone asking me "what's your favorite wine" - Often I tell people, with some degree of pride, That my tastes in wine are quite broad. I like wine from everywhere, and love wine from a ton of places, and lust after wines from many places. I do not believe I have a specific bias towards one region or another, and get great enjoyment out of drinking wine from all over. However, each year, my confidence in my catholic tastes is a little shaken as I emerge from the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting.

For Those unfamiliar with the Gambero Rosso , it is Essentially an organization focused on the promotion and evaluation of Italian food and wine. Each year the organization Publishes a guide by the same name. The Gambero Rosso Italian Wine is the bible, and one of most thorough and high-quality guides to any wine region That exists in the world. All longer available guides are imperfect and fallible, but as guides go, this one is pretty damn good. The guide covers a dizzying 14, 000 + wines each year from the incredibly diverse regions of Italy.

Each year the Gambero Rosso guide awards one, two, or three "Glasses" ("glasses") to wines of exceptional character and quality. From tens of Thousands, there are usually a couple of hundred Tre Bicchieri wines, and every Spring, Gambero Rosso brings many of them to San Francisco for the media, trade, and public to taste.

While I do love all the wines at this tasting, I am Constantly amazed by the quality and individuality of the wines on offer. I leave the tasting every year pining for many Of These wines, and wishing I had the means to add (the most expensive) of them to my collection. Invariably, though, there are always some fantastic wines $ 18 That are easy to seek out and find.


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