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August 9, 2013 – 00:00

Drink O'Clock Time"? Well, you feel like a new round of "It's Drink O'Clock Time"? In our Mädlstrip to Dresden two weeks ago I've been drinking a cocktail with sparkling wine and blackcurrant syrup in a bar. I was really hard and I am thrilled, arrived back home, razed it and nachgemixt him. However, since I'm not a fan of extremely sweet syrup from the supermarket and would know what ingredients are in my drink, I have conjured up my own ado currant syrup and used it for the Red Currant spray. The result? I have a new favorite drink for long and warm summer evenings on our balcony, the * drumroll * Next week is finished! :)

Drink O'Clock Time"? What about a new round of "It's Drink O'Clock Time"? Two weeks ago, I visited Dresden with my besties, we stopped at a bar to have some drinks. I've had a delish cocktail mixed with prosecco and a bit of blackcurrant syrup. I was really delighted with this drink and just had to try it on my own When back home again. But since I'm not a fan of extremely sweet syrup from the supermarket and as I like to know what's inside my drinks I've Decided to make a red currant syrup to mix in by myself into my cocktail. And the result that more than convincing:! I have a new favorite summer drink for spending long and mild summer evenings on my balcony whichwill be finally ready next week * whoop whoop * :)

Ingredients: For the syrup:
About 400 grams of red currants
4 tablespoons of sugar
Juice of one lime
200 ml water

For the cocktail:
S prudelwasser
Lime slices
Currants for garnish
Ice Cube


For the preparation of the syrup and wash the currants free from the panicles and place in a pot. Bring to a boil with the sugar, the water and the lime juice. Remove from the heat and let cool. Then strain through a fine sieve, so that you get out all the fruit flavor. Then fill in the bottle. I can fill up four pieces of the small vial, which you can see above. The syrup keeps in the fridge for a few weeks and can be drunk with water as fine lemonade. For spray some syrup into a wineglass free (if you like it sweeter, takes a little more), a few slices of lime *, currants and ice cubes and fill with Prosecco and some soda. Attach to garnish a Johannisbeerrispe the glass.

Source: www.piecesofmariposa.com

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If it's white wine, sub a couple of glasses with

White grape juice (sugar free.) Pour the grape juice into your wine glass, not a regular glass.
I drink red wine (too much, as well), and when i feel like I need to cut back, I fill my wine glass with raspberry crystal light. I don't know if I'm faking myself out or what, but because it's red, sweet, and in the wine glass it seems to work pretty well.
It won't make you stop drinking wine, but you'll maybe drink 2 glasses instead of 5.
Good luck... I could've written your post.

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