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August 28, 2013 – 23:22

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In this lesson, learn the names of some containers and click on the links to listen to the sound files. Below is the same vocabulary with corresponding photos.

Some materials used to manufacture certain containers.

Bag / Sack bag / sack / sack / bag The words are synonymous bag and sack. In some parts of North America a word may be preferred. canvas carrying bag
shopping bag made of cloth paper shopping bag
shopping bag made of paper plastic bag
plastic bag bag of flour
bag of flour made of paper bag of compost
compost bag Barrel Barrel wood wine barrel
wine barrel Basketball basket Normally a basket weave relates to a container with natural materials. Today, many are made ​​of plastic baskets. plastic
plastic grass
grass wood strips
wood strips shopping basket
to shopping basket laundry basket
dirty laundry basket Bottle bottle wine bottle
wine bottle water bottle
water bottle bottle of shampoo
shampoo bottle Box box cardboard box
carton box of tissues
peñuelos box box of matches
matchbox plastic
plastic wood
wood Bucket / Pail bucket / bucket plastic
plastic wood
wood Can can Can relates to a container made ​​of metal. However, some vessels were always made ​​of metal but are now made ​​of plastic can continue with the name. plastic garbage cans
Vasura cans made ​​of plastic plastic watering can
sprinkler made ​​of plastic plastic gas can
gasoline boat made ​​of plastic can of soda
can of soda can of olives
tin olives spray can Carton carton cardboard of eggs cardboard of milk Case case, box glasses case
case for eyeglasses September paint case
cover for painting case of beer
case of beer suitcase
suitcase CD / DVD case Chest chest, ark ice chest
cooler Crate crate wood fruit crate
for fruit Envelope on manila envelope letter envelope
envelope for letters padded envelope
padded envelope Jar jar, pot, jar The difference finds one bottle and jar is the abretura. A narrow mouth bottle is as long as a jar has it wide, almost the same size as the recipeinte same. A jar can only be made ​​of glass. jar of peanut butter
Jar / Can peanut butter glass jar
glass jar made storage jar
jar / pot almacenemiento Jug Pitcher plastic (5 liter)
5 liter jar plastic Pack package pack of chewing gum
pack of gum pack of cigarettes
pack of cigarettes Pitcher pitcher ceramic
ceramics glass
glass plastic
plastic Tray Tray A tray normally wears a rectangle shape, flat and deep. metal cooking tray
cooking aluminum cookie sheet / tray
cookie sheet plastic ice cube tray
ice cube wood serving tray
wood tray plastic paper tray
plastic basket Tub cube tub of ice cream
ice cube Tube Tube cardboard tube
cardboard tube plastic tube of lotion
lotion tube metal toothpaste tube
metal tube of toothpaste Containers food storage containers
food storage containers trash container
Vasura pot container ship


Household Essentials Household Essentials Balloon-Style Wine Glass Storage Chest, Natural Canvas with Brown Trim
Home (Household Essentials)
  • Covered storage chest made of polyester and cotton canvas
  • Accommodates up to 12 balloon-style stemware glasses; viewing window
  • 2 riveted side handles can support up to 25 pounds
  • Cardboard dividers offer added protection against chips and cracks
  • Measures 14 by 18-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches

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Why? Why? Why? WHY?!?!

The pot boilith over.....
Is it that hard to rinse out a wine glass when you are done with it? Why do you fill it 3/4 with water and then leave it on the counter next to the sink for 4 days? Actually, Why do you do this with every glass you use?
Why not rinse the peanut butter off...for it to boil the water? Why do you complain about how long it takes you water to boil, when continue to use that pot with the beat up bottom that makes contact with about 1 square inch of the burner instead of the good pot witht he completely flat burner that makes full contact?
No, there is nothing wrong with the quality of my glass baking and broilling dishes that keeps having them break

To shush or not to shush  — NOW Magazine
Sometimes I imagine what my neighbours would think of a 28-year-old grown adult screaming in exasperation and chucking a plastic wine glass (empty) across the room, and then my face gets hot and my armpits prickly and I vow to get more sleep, be less ..

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