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May 30, 2023 – 04:19 am

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The wine glass is much more than a container to serve this divine nectar, is the final expression of the success of a process that began in the vineyard and now reaches its climax.

The wine glass need to express themselves, it is their last requirement before being tasted. Because the glass allows remote smell the aromas, see the colors more subtle and savor the full flavor of the wine.

Each wine glass type required to ensure their proper tasting, staging the whole amalgam of sensations offered the fabulous wines of Spain .

The wine glasses are also evolving. The noble metal chalices were employed in Greece or Rome result, over the ages, the current wine glasses, transparent and open. From all of this is recorded in the history of wine

There are also classes in the wine world. So while the nobles of the Middle Ages they drank in metal cups adorned with precious stones (of which few are preserved in museums), the popular classes did the same in Jarrillas clay and other similar containers.

At present, the classes still mark the passage of the wine. While quality wines are served in tall glasses and wide, the "flat" of house wines are still drinking cups or glasses conical "chiquiteo" as in the Basque Country. Not to mention the "Colonel" Duralex glass width and height, hard glass, which is still used in some villages of southern Spain.

Evolution is also recent. The flat glass of sparkling wine and champagne has given way to more stylized, thin, being the first to serve ice cream.

We will describe, then, types of wine glasses that we use when proceeding with your service, so that we can taste with all its properties.

Types of wine glasses

  • Sherry. For wine of Jerez must employ a "sherry". Classical is the medium-sized elongated cup tapering. Also used (especially with chamomile) small conical glass. No embardo, the tendency is to use the cup-shaped sherry because, hold it by the base, we prevent the wine take the temperature of the hand.
  • Cavas. In this case the glass of cava has a trunk longer than those of Jerez and is sharper and stylized. This allows us to see the exact string of bubbles that flow from the bottom to the very mouth of the cup. In this cup is called "flute" or "champagne".
  • Red wines. For these wines may use the cup "Bordeaux". A tall, long waist and tulip shaped. This wine glass allows perfect aeration of wines produced and agree that our nose the wine breathe while we took him to the mouth. If it is a very fine crystal, we consent to see the "tile" that runs along the surface of the glass and wine outgoing glare.
  • White wines. In this case we recommend a lower crown and smaller than that used for red wines, although there is no agreement in this regard and recommend the glass purists "Bordeaux" also for white wines .
  • Sweet wines and fortified wines.'s Can serve Jerez sherry to taste these wines, although we recommend a drink more squat and less detail for sweet wines .
  • Chacolí. Pulling the chacolí on a flat glass is a delight that also allows to take it in all its fullness.

What we must never do

There are practical, not more widespread, are unorthodox and tacky.


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