The Associated Press - Beer in plastic cups: as you wander around the new prohibitions of the City

May 17, 2023 – 03:26 am



Beer in plastic cups: as you wander around the new prohibitions of the City

Police and traffic wardens engaged in controls in the station area in Novara

Novara, the order of the mayor bans glass and cans: a few changes from the Junta Jordan


A good portion of the prohibitions on the station area in fact there were already: they had introduced two orders signed July 27, 2009 by the then Northern League mayor of Novara and Massimo Giordano, on 11 October 2010 by the regent Silvana Moscatelli (PDL) , remained in force but perhaps fallen into oblivion. The new ordinance signed Tuesday by Mayor Andrew dancing, driving the council of the center, he was only taking those dictates (in premises almost a copy and paste word for word) and retouching, making it more severe some limitations but also lightens others.

Early Closure

The only really new, to increase the impact, as the obligation to close at 22 (to 23 from Friday to Sunday) imposed on the bar located in a more restricted zone comprising viale Manzoni and Via San Francesco d'Assisi, a measure assumed 'experimentally and ending on September 30. " For the limit of the 22 stores already existed.

The new geography

The other measures are applied to the same area identified by the ordinances Jordan and Moscatelli 'the perimeter including north and west from Viale Dante and Viale Manzoni including via Maestra, to the south by Via Solferino, during the Victory, a bastion Partisans, on the east by the course U stretch from San Lorenzo and wide avenue Ferrucci. " There is no extension. Indeed a restriction: the order Giordano on to another only to the prohibition of alcohol consumption in public spaces, extended to all the district Sant'Agabio. Now that provision was repealed.

Abolished time limits

If the ban was limited space, only the area of the station, it widens over time: the order included the Jordan from 18 to 8, now it is at any time, except of course the areas designed for administration, ie the bar and any outdoor area. Instead on the public highway can never drink alcohol of any strength. But beware: if only 'in glass containers or cans. " Instead, you can, for example, drinking a beer in a plastic cup or wine in cardboard.

Alcohol takeaway

In the bars the order Moscatelli it prohibited the sale at any time and administration outside of the areas designated for this purpose. Now the standard becomes less severe: the sale for takeaway and administration outside of the areas is prohibited only after 18 and until the closing. And especially if the beverage is in glass containers or cans. In other businesses, shops and supermarket, the order is confirmed Moscatelli which prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages for takeaway after 18.

e No analcolich and also to soft drinks

It 'a new aspect: the prohibition of sale to take away, both bar and shops, are extended after the 18 even if the soft drinks in glass containers or cans. The Coca Cola in the evening you can only buy into the plastic bottle or paper cup. You must scolarsela all inside the bar.

Notifications in the bar, then checks

The new ordinance is the result of a concerted month of arguments between the City and Prefecture. By now it will be completed notification to all companies concerned, about forty: a measure is not necessary (the posting praetorian enough) but that it was decided to adopt anyway. Then start the controls, for which there is already an agreement between firefighters, police and carabinieri.


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