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May Chang Feng

Had heard a story about lobster: When French colonists from eastern Canada Acadia south, exiled to Louisiana, when lobsters are also onboard traveled south together. Road hard, long-term lack of food, such a ship to south Louisiana, Chuanpang big lobster crayfish hungry lean into it. Today, Louisiana Cajuns are the descendants of Acadians in Canada, Crawfish Crawfish and Lobster Lobster tied between the bond.
Lobster's head, the body is small, usually when they pick a large lobster candidates only of, Cajuns but love small lobster. U.S. market are produced in 98% of crayfish in Louisiana, the annual spring and early summer when mature crawfish, road throughout the state has a variety of cooking shrimp game celebration. This day I get together with a few friends, into a new state with a taste of the famous Cajun restaurant, Meyersville Inn, called some big, crayfish and serve, but also to enjoy a lobster dinner.
Meyersville Inn, located in Morris County Wildlife Sanctuary (Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge) on the edge of people and vehicles on weekdays scarce. Our friend like a spiritual leader eagle, will everyone who squeezed into her cart, car driving slowly along the ramp, across the city of Chatham, small reward Meyersville Road on both sides of Korea's unique house, in a five-way intersection stop opposite lane head only big house Meyersville Inn is at hand.
Beautiful old white house, not a hotel, but looked somewhat like a village in the film Ladies and Gentlemen meeting place, wood floor vaguely shoe marks, showing the long years of the history of this museum. Door left is to attract footsteps into the bar, right divided into three large restaurant, the more room inside the hall, the larger the table, the more astonishing burst of laughter.
Many guests holding wine glasses, with wine, appetizers, too. People who like to eat oysters, wish a cup of Oyster Shooter ($ 2.95). This is not a small glass of whiskey in, but diced oysters, plus with spicy tomato juice and lemon juice. To all of this cup hongtangsi breath choking, how to stimulate? Only frowning ineffectively lips Devourer was aware of it.
Our lobster dinner with Cajun Popcorns ($ 10.95) beginning. Popcorn is a hot fried yellow dragons shrimp, peeled diced fried small, chubby, like grasping eat popcorn available, it is characterized by shrimp wrapped in a layer of outer dip fragrant pepper corn flour, crisp Leather bombing unpolished, show off dragons shrimp tenderness.
Another strange thing is, like crocodile sausage (Alligator Sausage, $ 7.95). Often heard people say, crocodile meat color similar to chicken, fiber seems to be the hardness of chicken flavor (tasteless) also like chicken, but low fat and cholesterol than chicken. In order to protect this outrageous wild big "fish", now crocodile meat for human consumption comes from the pool of captivity. This dish fried alligator sausage slices that look like Chinese sausage, smells no odor, no smell, taste like Polish sausage (Kielbasa), but salty heavier, missing some bite meat fats, we use hot bread clip When the hot "dog" to eat.
Two years ago, for no change in the main kitchen of Meyersville Inn, the menu is more popular seafood, steaks, salads and pasta. When ordering, first pick one kind of meat, and then select the cooking. Such as prawns or scallops or fish can be fried, can be roasted, fried garlic, can also be soaked with lemon juice or white wine cream sauce with cream or mask layer of dark brown spice powder (Blackened). If steak or chicken, can dry fried butter, add brandy gravy or black spice powder. Choose pasta, a bit like playing Rubin Cube, from different shapes, sauce and meat selection, then follow the settlement price of meat.
There are eight famous Cajun Specialties, such as Crawfish Étouffée ($ 23.95), Shrimp Creole ($ 21.95), Jambalaya ($ 21.95), Chicken & Andouille ($ 20.95), Taste of the Bayou (all kinds of fish and shrimp, $ 26.95) ...... and so on. Funny story, twenty years ago, I bought a fat chef Paul Prudhomme by a written Cajun recipes, then on the Western illiterate, the first step to see every kind of food are the same, are the fried onions, sweet pepper and celery, this thick book greatly reduced, possibly donated go now. Ten years later, another chef Emeril Lagasse watching TV programs, I discovered that these three diced vegetables, Cajun cooking is Sambo, add some bacon sausage (Andouille or Chorizo), garlic, tomatoes and spicy seasonings then pour some chicken broth or beer gravy is proudly Mojo Cajun recipes.
See Jambalaya, immediately thought of Hank Williams made famous in "Good-bye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh ..." involuntary beat my feet up. Hank's voice full of the joy of music show Cajuns enthusiastic personality, his singing Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and Filé Gumbo Cajun dishes are representative. This museum is not Crawfish Pie, but I will never give up a variety of meat and rice boiled in Jambalaya.
Cooking with a French flavor is a small lobster risotto Crawfish Étouffée (pronounce A-Two-Fay), it is not a thick soup flavored with corn flour to thicken, while those from fried batter (Roux). Spend the first time the oil and saute until brown batter, fry vegetables and spices Sambo, and finally add crayfish meat, covered with a thick soup of rice and on.
Cajun entrees every meal has to match, favorite meals of Chinese people polite, each tablespoon plate entrance, red meat, rich sauces rice, sour, sweet, salty blending; however, always feel less fun, missing something? This day had a few dishes we ordered were not spicy. This spicy fresh worse, as if at a party in the lack of a few fast melodic dance music, you can not sweat no turn laps on a sense of fun.
The museum's most delicious and popular, that is, a steamed lobster. A 11/4 pounds of lobster + + two dozen steamed clams baked potato, $ 22.95, and more cost-effective! Shrimp are cut on the table, we do not have to eat meat tenderizer is eligible housing challenge it. This Day banquet ended with dessert. Fried bread pine (Zeppole, $ 4.95), that is, all styled French Donut. This discussion mouth fried dough, square no hole as big as the palm, above speckled fine white sugar, crisp, thick, fine, that melts into the mouth biting two. But everyone's mind is clear, fried dough, flour and suck each one filled with oil, leading to cardiovascular disease culprit. Nobody wants the next meeting in the heart clinic, had the whole table point a passenger, gourmet shared.
Restaurant name Meyersville Inn
Address 632 Meyersville Road
Gillette, NJ 07933
Phone 908-647-6302
Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday to Thursday 4:00 pm-10: 00pm
Fri / Sat 11:00 am-11: 00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am-10: 00 pm (weekends best advance booking)
Prices moderate, both about $ 46 - $ 60
American flavor to the South is famous Cajun flavors


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