Personalized wine labels, wine label art

May 18, 2023 – 03:32 am

frida Imagine your label, we will realize it for you!
If you have a 'business or need to organize a party, a wedding or simply if you are looking for a quality wine at the right price and you want to customize it just send us your logo or artwork and we will realize it for you.

With the collaboration of artists, garfici experts and customers themselves, for some years we take care of the image of the labels restaurants, hotels, trendy bars, catering, art galleries and even individuals who want to stand out and engage their customers and friends in their philosophy of hospitality and coexistence. The graphics of a label with its colors and its words are increasingly linked to the delight of the aromas and flavors of a good glass of wine drunk in the company. Then Impress your clients and friends with the quality and convenience of our wines and label unpublished!

We customize successfully over 500 labels of wine to restaurants, bars, hotels, catering, private throughout Italy and abroad!. Just send a file ....


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You could give them to the coordinator, or if you are having a seating chart, or an actual sit down type thing, you can leave a bag under the chair or something like that. But I would def. do a bag of some sorts. And if you want to get all those gift go ahead. For my guest I had my granny hand paint wine glasses, then I stuck bags of M&M's in each class. For my center pieces my granny also painted those and I did a raffel, so whomever at the table had their name drawn got to take the center piece. So it is all up to you in how you want to do things.

How to pull off a perfect garden lunch  —
A sprawl of smiling friends, a tablecloth that flutters gently, an assortment of glasses and bottles of wine.

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