E-commerce site objects painted glass [Wednesday Site]

April 11, 2023 – 11:01 am

The site of the week is the e-commerce site with a glass painter: Zeit Creation. This passionate transforms common objects into true works of art. So you can buy on this website of paintings on glass crafts of all kinds (glasses, salt, tea glasses, vases, decorations items ...).


The +

  • A simple design, but consistent
  • A home page with news and providing information on the products in the shop
  • Information to reassure buyers (delivery, payment information on the seller, technical ...)
  • Page titles optimized for SEO (eg keyword "Stained glass" appears in the title of the home page)

The -

  • No blog: it might help to SEO the site and retain users
  • The visitor counter on the home page (this is not very professional on a professional website)
  • Duplicates with the "Collection of paintings on glass" page and shop that can create confusion

Interview webmaster

Can you introduce yourself in a few lines, as well as your site, and tell us how did your web project?

My name is Olivia and I am preparer pharmacy. I am 25 years old. I created this site because I noticed that my creations began to crescendo like so, so for me there was this "emergency" to have an online store at low cost.
First Zeit Creation is an online store of custom paint on glass where you can find vases, candle holders, glasses, table wine glasses. I explain how I came to paint on glass on this page.

When and How did you find doomby?

I discovered e-mysite by Google, in fact, I typed stupidly "website design" and your description inspired me, convinced me so I clicked and our story began.

What level in creating website were you when you created your website?

I had never created a website in my life and I knew even less HTML, e-mysite was the solution in terms of ease and cost, I who became entrepreneur. It was in June 2010 that the site was created (in a fairly simple version).

What advice would you give to people who discover the tool?

The advice I would give is already "little by little, the bird builds its nest" Indeed, it is not in a week that the site was created and again, I do not stop to want to finish it because I feel it is never finished.
The second piece of advice I can give to people who discover the tool is already familiar with all the features of the dashboard, browse through one by one to see what he can do next. In a second step, it would be interesting to see some tutorials because they are really well done and end view comments Blog e-mysite, but it will happen in time. For all those who ask about the ways and means that I used to create my website (there are many, because it apparently plot), I told them I used a platform to create websites without having to know HTML, but people do not believe it anyway, because when they see my site, they think it's a real webmaster who made me. Today my level was still evolved doomby helped me understand things about creating a site, those things that I dreamed to learn and manipulate.

Source: www.e-monsite.com

Waterwinewine - FCA La Havre Waterwinewine Gold Ingot Holder for 2 Glasses, Limoges Porcelain, 1-Pack
Kitchen (Waterwinewine - FCA La Havre)
  • Handmade in one of the first porcelain manufactures of limoges (dated 1774 in saint yriex la perche, france)
  • Made of limoges porcelain; 24k gold plated; design
  • Handwash design
  • Good Glasses Posture and Saving of Space for the setting up of the Glasses on the Table.
  • Made in france

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A wine glass...

Hand painted by the Brides mom and had the B & G's name and date..it was lovely.
We gave a small bell at our wedding which I liked because it kept people from banging the glasses. They were very inexpensive too. Got them on theknot.
I also bought chinese food containers and had the caterer box up pieces of cake for guests to take out the door with them as they left. We had very little wasted cake because of this!

How to pull off a perfect garden lunch  — Telegraph.co.uk
A sprawl of smiling friends, a tablecloth that flutters gently, an assortment of glasses and bottles of wine.

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