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August 28, 2013 – 23:22

Metal and Glass Sabine Master Fahrlaender, artist, and Sylvie Spielmann, winemaker chose works together and rich wines emotional connections *, for an exhibition that will run until the end of August at the Domaine Sylvie Spielmann.

Friends of the arts and wine book also your evening of July 26 for the opening of the exhibition, and sign up now for an experience full of surprises! During the evening, each comment on his creations for you to discover their respective passions. Each pair-work wine will be accompanied by a tasty bite.

* If linking art and wine is now commonplace, the marriage takes its raison d'être at Domaine Sylvie Spielmann, where the wines are vinified it true liquid expression of a mineral soil. When the works of Sabine Master Fahrlaender, they are not without reminiscences soil gypsum marl soil or rocks in the field of grand cru Kanzlerberg, encrusted with crystals and Barite Flurine.Georges Brassens All united by the glass, clear and brilliant sparkle of wine and glasses! A true symbiosis.

Joelle Weiss Domaine Sylvie Spielmann

No doubt there were all these young people including trade! Students Technical Sales BTS and the Pro License Wine High School Avize (Champagne) are engaged in the creation and marketing of a calendar for the year 2013. "Goddesses and Gods of Viti 2013" has emerged for the holidays, and can be purchased from all good bookshops in Reims and Epernay and on command.

The goal is laudable: the financing of their study tour, respectively in China and Spain.

The theme is a safe bet that the "Gods of the stadium" but declined to a little less bare and wine version compatible with the image of a higher education center!

The means are professionals, since students have used Scripto agency communication and professional photographer Didier Fauthoux for carrying pictures of the calendar.

The result is a nice calendar, shifted a bit racy, and very funny, involving twenty students of classes considered, on a voluntary basis.

When the headmaster, Stephen Bonnesoeur (sic), he said "accepting lip in [is] saying it was better to regulate such an operation to let grow unchecked outside." He added that the "obvious commercial and media success also contributed to a less rigid image of the institution." This does not just happen!

Fans will notice that details the modest body integrity was respected through the use of aprons marked the cooperative Sanger High School, which Champagne is also available on request ...

The gods have a price: 15 € polychrome, 60 x 40.

And if they are immortal, calendar, he is not: end of the sale to St Vincent.

Festival International du Film Policier à Beaune


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