Two new exhibitions: The ROAD Montreuil (photography) and ANNA STANKIEWICZ-ODOJ (painting)

May 15, 2023 – 03:19 am

Two new exhibitions: The ROAD Montreuil (photography) and ANNA STANKIEWICZ-ODOJ (painting)

Opening of two new exhibitions: The ROAD Montreuil are about 30 pictures of Montreuil, a Paris suburb, where also live Portuguese immigrants, made by GIUSEPPE MORANDI, photographer, residing in Piadena place in northern Italy, and FRANCESCA GRILLO, photographer residing in Montreuil. Wrote about this exhibition Paolo Barbaro, University of Parma: "Morandi is not in Montreuil as a photojournalist's social, even if the ranks themes dear to anthropology as an explorer. Find mates, divide the bread and what gets in, and they take you to meet other friends, They undertake in the narrative of the images of the place, for it is always a narrative of the people, his figure visible. Accompanies it, among others, Francesca Grillo also her photographer, showing you the spaces that become evident a conflict between city spaces and homes made of relationships and new constructions of metal and glass, impenetrable. In her photographs develops a narrative out of space as it made of layers of family houses, dense stories and signs (immigration, working-class culture sometimes visible in the skeleton of a historic mill, and other alternative ways of living the city ) and reaches the surface of the modern probably the same all over the Western world, these truly distant and foreign, should be interchangeable as a commodity, the money that flows into the facades. And then people still sore, as if crushed by the new. The sense of the city, the place where you live and we'll see where our figures appear, can no longer be reduced to a linear time with a progress that go in one direction, streamlining, clearing, accumulating increasing the convenience and value of real estate. Just look at the city in the eyes, as in these photographs, to realize it. "On Monday, August 26, at 18:30, we talk about photography, immigration and emigration: PAINTING EXHIBITION ANNA STANKIEWICZ-ODOJ "My painting is full of archetypes and symbols of postmodern reality, rooted in the collective consciousness. I often inspire my dreams, legends, tales of childhood or simply the nature (or more coexistence of nature and civilization). I always try new perspectives vision of spaces, places, people and things. "


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