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May 27, 2023 – 04:09 am

Consumer Centre / Taipei

Baccarat Baccarat crystal, France and Spain, craft designer Patricia. Wu Gula (Patricia Urquiola) cooperate with the new glass ornaments "Variations Symphony" series to the screen as a father inspired the creation of the piano, combining geometric, color, cutting and other processes with a strong decorative techniques, so that art is like crystal with a warm golden color and perfectly clear, as if in a dream summer party, raised colored music notes.

▲ Variations Symphony limited edition vase decoration series, single-piece price of NT $ 156, 800 million. (Figure / Baccarat offers)

"Variations" Symphony of high type crystal ornaments, based on two docks, five top seat, etc. 7 interlocking bottle twenty-two stacked to form a variety of combinations, and then hand-blown crystal by cutting, including shallow V shaped bevel cutting, groove-like Zong-cut, translucent sweet round cut, with the kinds of small irregular cutting. In order to achieve Patricia. Wu Gula want subtle color effects fantasy, Baccarat with a waterproof transparent enamel paint technology, giving crystal layers color that shines halo.

▲ Variations Symphony glasses series, single-piece price of 7, 800 yuan. (Figure / Baccarat offers)

Series glass section, which contains large wine glasses, small wine cups, cups and champagne glasses, hand-blown and then by the same cut is made, all cup feet are not the same shape, but has a smooth sleek mug. The same theme was inspired by Symphony, Patricia. Wu Gula Another design is full of self-style, representing the modern woman charm goblet series of models, strongly fluorescent color embellishment, creating a fun spirit, so that break with traditional forms of table decoration, richer modern stylish atmosphere.

▲ otherwise transparent crystal glass style, single-piece price of $ 6, 000. (Figure / Baccarat offers)


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Old Spice | Architect

If it's white wine, sub a couple of glasses with

White grape juice (sugar free.) Pour the grape juice into your wine glass, not a regular glass.
I drink red wine (too much, as well), and when i feel like I need to cut back, I fill my wine glass with raspberry crystal light. I don't know if I'm faking myself out or what, but because it's red, sweet, and in the wine glass it seems to work pretty well.
It won't make you stop drinking wine, but you'll maybe drink 2 glasses instead of 5.
Good luck... I could've written your post.

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