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May 5, 2023 – 11:50 am

the crystal The crystal fascinated mankind for centuries. They are the mirror of the crystal spells, the ball showing the future, the Cinderella's slipper. A dense network of symbols crystalline accompanied, as always, our existence. The charm of this precious mineral lies, perhaps, in his ability to show and to separate, contain and reveal at the same time. PIERRE, the jewelry company, manufactures gold and platinum jewelry with diamonds and other gems for normal people.

Wine lovers know how important it is to know how to choose the right glass. It is said that the cup is just that perfect crystal.the crystal

The origin of the wine glass

The first glasses are adaptations of objects found in nature. The Greeks poured out the wine in large shells during the holidays or solemn sacrificial ceremonies. Egyptians, Persians and Italians used the horn of cow dug, which, in its way, was already an artifact evolved. The glass appears only with the Phoenicians, who certainly had the merit of spreading it and market it. With the conquest of the Middle East, the Romans knew the glass art of Syria and they realized that the wine drunk in glass containers offered the best taste sensations.Screenshot 26.07.2013 at 15:13:17 Since then, every legion aggregated into its ranks a master glassmaker of Syrian school that provided to the manufacture of the glasses. In Rome, in the Pompeian age, the production of glasses reached the height of technology. The glasses produced at that time were precious objects often studded with rare gems. Much more gruesome containers were used by barbarian tribes, as the comments and archaeological findings, it seems utilizzassero, among others, also the skull of human skeletons because the seat of the brain and therefore of knowledge.

During the Middle Ages the type of glass divides the social classes: the tables of kings, bishops and monks appears the glass with high stem and cup, tulip, while the bourgeois using a glass cylindrical and without stem, the most times but not glass or ceramic timber.

Until 1400, the glass gradually evolves until the Venetian glassmakers distinguished themselves as masters in the art and exported its products throughout Europe.

The origin of glass

The origin of the glass is very old and still mysterious. Phoenicians and Egyptians fought over for centuries the distinction of having discovered the manufacture. A legend tells that some Phoenician merchants returning from Egypt with a big load of sodium carbonate (natron), they stopped one night on the banks of the river Belus to rest. Not having stones available on which to place the utensils for food preparation, they took some blocks of natron and I lit beside the fire that then continued to burn throughout the night. In the morning, the merchants saw with astonishment that instead of river sand and natron was an unknown material, shiny and transparent. The Phoenicians immediately sensed the importance of the discovery and began to produce objects with the new shining material: glass.


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Picardie glasses

they are the kind you will see all over Europe in cafes.
The smallest ones are generally used as espresso or shot glasses.
I could swear that I have seen them used as egg holders, too, but it may just be my crazy imagination.
Red and white wine could (conceivably) be served from juice glasses (I have a distinct memory of my dad drinking from a small 7-8 oz glass wine at home, but not when guests would come over).
I like your idea for Pint glasses, but can not conceive what we would drink scotch from...darnit

Georg J Riedel, 10th generation glassmaker and owner of Riedel Crystal, and Angelo Gaja, 4th generation owner of Gaja Winery and Italy's greatest winemaker, have specially chosen the wines for the celebratory evening; Gaia & Rey 2009, Ca Marcanda 2008 ..

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